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Doc v1.134 : February , 2019

The world is changing. Rapidly.
This is our time to shine, elevate the narrative, and feel good.420 and 420.Earth will focus on wonderful things.
Music, the arts, food, lifestyle, travel, hemp, vaporizers, cbd, cannabis & medical cannabis.420.Earth will have multiple micro sites that focus on major cities & countries from around the world.
We will highlight and provide information about our cannabis, cbd & hemp brands and those of our partners.
We will offer doctor consultation services to patients who are seeking access to medical cannabis.
Once patients have a prescription, they will be able to access medical cannabis thru 420.Earth or one of our partners.Brands – Sales & Marketing
420.Earth has a strong culture and education mandate. It also functions as a sales and marketing channel for our brands and the brands of our partners. Sales will either take place directly on 420.Earth or thru other other online sales platforms. We will also guide our viewers to brick and mortar stores that sell these brands. We expect that the majority of sales of our brands will be wholesale sales. Most of our brands are high margin products.Medical
We are very committed to patients, their families, caregivers and the evolution of this medicine. With this in mind, we are establishing The Medicine Fund. Link > TheMedicineFund.Ca
Phase 1 of our launch will focus on Canada, England, Australia and Germany.
The Phase 1 launch will be later on in 2019.
Additional countries and cities will be rolled out  during Phase 2.
420.Earth is bringing together a strong, strategic, creative and agile team.
Going Public
We are currently developing a comprehensive and distinctive strategy for taking 420.Earth public.
We will reach certain milestones before 420.Earth goes public.


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